Viking BBQ restoration cleaning Newport Coast

Today was another beautiful day here in Southern California, and we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather to do a Viking BBQ Restoration cleaning in Newport Coast. Our client informed BBQ Restorations that they will be putting there house on the market in the next month. So they decided it would be a good idea to get the barbecue cleaned and restored adding to the overall appeal of the backyard and barbecue island.
The pictures below are actually an hr into the job, so it was a lot worse. Certainly not the worst or dirtiest barbecue we’ve ever seen, just thought it was worth mentioning that it was quite a bit more caked with grease. Check it out below.



On this particular Viking BBQ Restoration & Cleaning project we decided to convert the manual ignition system to a push button. This really makes a big improvement and ease of use when lighting the BBQ . It was also decided to replace a couple of the corroded and cracked heat trays. This was causing flare ups and hot spots. A lot of people don’t realize how important the heat trays are until they get a hole in there burner because they have cracked or corroded heat trays that aren’t properly protecting the burners from the grease, or they have hot spots due to cracks and corrosion. So in order of importance each component is dependent upon the other. Your heat trays plays a huge role in stabilizing and distributing heat even and uniformly across the grill. If they fail, i.e. you will have uneven heating, hot spots and ultimately burner failure in the near future, since the heat tray is no longer vaporizing grease and juices from the meats, poultry and fish, allowing it to get on the burners ultimatly causing corrosion.







Well I think you’ll have to agree this Viking BBQ restoration cleaning in Neewport Coast turned out rather well. Check out what some of our other Viking barbecue restorations looked like this week on our blog for details and pictures.

Also don’t forget to schedule schedule your free safety inspection and estimate for any repairs, components or a restoration cleaning and restoration for your BBQ.






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