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Barbecue Grill Cleaning done right by BBQ Restorations.

BBQ Restorations offers a variety of Outdoor Barbecue Gill Services; including Barbecue Grill cleaning & Gas Grill Cleaning in Orange County, C.A.. Every BBQ enthusiast should take advantage of an annual BBQ Grill Cleaning. Of course there’s an exception to every rule.

So for those that use there grill on more than a regular basis or you happen to use and apply marinade and or sauce to your meats while in the grill. We recommended that you inquire about one of our maintenance packages, that involve multiple cleanings throughout the year.

The reasoning behind this preemptive approach is simple. A little bit of preventative maintenance  and cleaning annually goes a long way, and will allow your grill to continue to deliver years of trouble free service and a wide array of additional benefits including; lighting right up, heating up to operating temperature quicker, cooking faster and more evenly, as well as looking great while your using it. So what are you waiting for? Call us today 949-301-6483 We’d love to help you out with your Barbecue Grill Cleaning.Learn More…

Tune Up $79.99

BBQ Restorations Gas Grill BBQ Tune-up involves removing the various internal components and parts located inside the grill. A thorough inspection of the BBQ, and all parts is completed. Including a 20 Point safety inspection. Checking for a multitude of indicators.To assure safe and efficient grill operation. Such tell tale signs indicating possible unsafe conditions would include excessive wear, damage from corrosion, and rust. Which we will look for during inspection of the following parts and components. Cooking grates, heat shields, heat trays, ceramic bricquets, ceramic rods, flavorizer bars, burners, ignitors,and ignition modules. The valves are inspected for excess ware and any leaks. The air shutter and valve orifices are adjusted for optimal performance. We’ll also leak test all gas connections and lines as well as check for correct flow rate through the regulator. Any minor repairs and adjustments that will enable safe operation of your BBQ grill will be included. BBQ Restorations BBQ tune-up includes a light clean up of the grills interior and exterior. However the Tune Up is not intended to replace an annual cleaning, typically taken care of with our Pro cleaning located below.

Pro Cleaning $169

BBQ Restorations Pro Cleaning includes all the steps involved in the tune-up. Including a thorough inspection, and the safety inspection. To assure safe and efficient grill operation.The interior and exterior of the grill is de-greased, washed, rinsed sanitized and polished to perfection. With one of the following tools in our arsenal. This includes High Pressure Washing, Steam cleaning, Hot Water cleaning coupled with environmentally safe green cleaner, and various other techniques we have developed over the years. Resulting in some unbelievable outcomes for our clients barbecues and BBQ grills.The BBQ Restorations Pro cleaning includes the following components in your barbecue to be cleaned; cooking grates washed and thoroughly cleaned, heat shields thoroughly cleaned, burners cleaned inside and out. to optimize performance and even heating. The drip pan is removed and cleaned, valves checked/adjusted and lubricated accordingly. Major grease and built up grime is removed from the entire grill including the various parts of the grill. The exterior is then polished. The entire process generally takes about three to four hours. However there is no time constraint, and we don’t leave, until the job is finished correctly.

Restoration Cleaning $300

The BBQ Restorations, “Restoration Cleaning” is an intense Deep Cleaning generally combined with a complete Restoration or Rebuild of the BBQ Grill. This BBQ cleaning will bring back the BBQ to like new condition. All the same tactics are used as the Pro BBQ Cleaning. However the Restoration Cleaning is a bit more involved and labor intensive. Usually taking about twice as long to complete. Resulting in some unbelievable outcomes. The Restoration cleaning includes all necessary fixes, repairs and adjustments to the housing of the BBQ and major components to achieve the like new again performance and appearance.

Typically a BBQ Restorations project entails reconditioning the burners and or replacing them, reconditioning of heat shields and or replace, all minor and major adjustments of vales, including replacement. Manual and automatic ignition system replacement with a new ignition system, and new ignitors. The drip pan is removed cleaned and/or repaired, cooking grates cleaned or replaced and the internal housing of the grill is cleaned and polished. Completion of the Restoration

Cleaning generally takes a minimum of 4-6 hours from start to finish. The Restoration Cleaning is essentially a complete rebuild minus the new parts. Many of or customers who were otherwise in the market for a new grill. Are enjoying there existing grill at a fraction of the cost of new.

Dirty Grill?

Has your barbecue seen better days? Does your barbecue grill take longer to heat and cook? Is it lighting correctly? These are indications of a dirty grill. Don’t wait another day. Have one of our experts sanitize and polish your grill to perfection or perform a Barbecue Repair if needed! Call Us 949-301-6483

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