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BBQs Galore Restoration Specialist

Owners of gas barbecue grills purchased from Barbecues Galore have a valued resource with BBQ Restorations. We are BBQs Galore Restoration Specialist. We specialize in Barbecues Galore gas Barbecue grill restorations, barbecue grill cleaning, barbecue grill repair and all barbecue parts for every make and model Barbecue’s Galore carries, and then some..Including Grand Turbo, Lynx , Fire Magic, DCS, Viking and Twin Eagle’s. If you didn’t see your grill mentioned and you purchased your grill from Barbecues Galore. Chances are we specialize in that manufacture as well.

Our experienced barbecue restoration professionals take great pride in taking a grill and bringing it back to life both aesthetically and functionally. It’s always barbecue season in California and grilling enthusiasts County wide can count on our cleaning, installation, service and restoration services. Specifically for all major brands carried through Barbecues Galore Check out our Blog, and Gallery to get a feel for the amazing restoration work we offer!

A cleaner grill is safer and produces better tasting food, and that’s good news for everybody! If you’ve invested in one of the many models of Barbecues Galore gas grills you owe it to yourself to keep yours in the very best working order, and we can help. One phone call to BBQ Restorations will put you in touch with grill cleaning, grill restoration and grill repair experts that can keep your grill looking and working like new for years to come. Trust us with all your barbecue grill cleaning, barbecue grill repair and barbecue restoration needs for: All Barbecues Galore carried manufactures and every other grill on the market.

We’re appreciative that as a former Barbecues Galore customer you’ve found us, and that you’ve chosen to trust your Barbecue restoration, barbecue cleaning and repair to our expert staff. We work on Barbecue grills of all makes and models, including ones bought from Barbecues Galore.

At BBQ Restorations we’ve got the skills and the services to keep your barbecue and grill looking and working its best.Call us now 949-301-6483, or fill out our online service request, and we’ll come out and give you a free assessment, to give you, an idea, of what needs to be done. In order to get your grill back on track. In most cases a professional grade cleaning will work wonders for your Barbecue Grill..

Fill out our service request form below and we’ll contact you, to set up a convenient time, and date, to provide a free estimate and safety inspection of your BBQ Grill.

    We will respond shortly,to confirm requested appointment time and date.Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions. 949-301-6483

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