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BBQ Cleaning

Consider Orange County's BBQ Restorations for all your BBQ Cleaning Services, you clean your kitchen every week. You shampoo your carpets twice a year. You wash your windows spring and fall. But when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your grill or other outdoor cooking unit? Many people believe that they can just “burn off” spills, stuck-on food, dirt, and germs. You can’t. Your grill needs the kind of deep professional cleaning service BBQ Restorations offers. Not only can we clean your grill with the safest green products, we can add years to the life of any grill by keeping the cooking surface spotless and the working parts unclogged by dirt and grease. Our service pays for itself by extending the life of your grill.

BBQ Repair

Whether it’s a missing knob on your gas grill, a worn-out cooking surface, a burner that isn’t firing, a new handle for the hood or a new spit for the rotisserie BBQ Restorations can repair and refurbish your BBQ grill so it works like new. We work fast, many repairs can be done in a day or less. We have a full line of BBQ replacement parts for virtually any type or brand of grill, and if we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll find it. Our service people are knowledgeable and experienced, and our work comes with a warranty and a 100% money back guarantee.

BBQ Restoration

There’s noting like a warm evening with friends gathered around and the grill master creating succulent dishes for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately that can’t happen if your BBQ grill is dirty, rusted, or broken. BBQ Restorations can safely and thoroughly clean, repair, restore, maintain, sell and install all quality manufactures of barbecues including; Viking, Lynx, DCS, Fire Magic, Dacor and more. Removing years’ worth of baked-on grime and killing the germs that can make your family and friends sick. We can also take that old BBQ grill and make it work like it just came out of the box.

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Thank You Irvine, for selecting BBQ Restorations. We’re honored and promise to continue doing our best work for you.
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These guys are amazing!! I am so glad with BBQ Restorations for their great services. They spent 4 hours to clean my TWO grills with a very cheap rate compare than others. 100% completely satisfied and thanks for such great customer service. I will definitely use them again.
Wes & Sheldon are working a miracle right now on my outdoor kitchen grill(2) and Burners(2). I happened into Wes and asked about a shirt he was wearing for his company... He gave me his card and I called this morning. He came by same day and looked at my 10-12 year old Fire magic and a probably 30 year old Charm-glo. They were both disasters, with rotting, non working parts and just a mess. He told me he would get it all working, and I mean rerunning gas lines, cutting holes to place new electric starters, even welding new galvanized steel plate into the rotted bottom of the unit itself.... That of course is not what we thought would be required when I hired him, I just thought a killer before and after cleaning. He not only did all this he honored the price that he had quoted, which was very fair to begin with. too bad I am selling the house, I could definitely enjoy using the new and improved equipment, I guess the next owner will be in grilling heaven! I could not recommend Wes and Sheldon of BBQ Restorations more highly... give them a call and I am sure your steaks, ribs chicken and veggies will be fired perfectly!
Solid and fantastic job. Our built in grill has lost its shine. It was already a mess. However, the gentlemen from BBQ restorations have made it look like it is brand new. It works even better than before. It was worth waiting for them to come. You see, it seemed like they were fully booked with appointments when I called them for I had to wait for 2 days before they could service my grill. But it was no problem for me. In fact, I was glad I have waited for them because they were professionals and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them.

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