Turbo barbecue pictured and BBQ Restorations did the repair and cleaning

Barbecue Grill Services

BBQ Restorations offers many Services for BBQ Grills.

BBQ Restorations is Orange County California’s most trusted BBQ Grill Services provider, and installation specialists in Orange County, C.A. We are the number one choice for Barbecue Grill Cleaning Services and BBQ Grill Repair Services We are professionals in barbecue Grill Cleaning, Gas Barbecue Repairs and BBQ Grill Restoration. We also do custom Installation of BBQ Grills, Custom Outdoor Kitchens, and Barbecue islands/additions and more.

BBQ Grill Services

As many Californians utilize there outdoor kitchens, Barbecues and grills year round. We noticed that many Barbecue and grill owners wanted to keep their expensive barbecues and grills, Islands and Outdoor Kitchens in tip top shape, and operating condition. BBQ Restorations is the premier company providing Barbecue Grill Cleaning Services, Barbecue Grill Repair Services and barbecue grill services, and solutions for all Orange County Residents…Learn More…

Barbecue Cleaning Services

Why BBQ Restorations? We are gas barbecue and grill experts with over fifteen years of industry experience. This enables us the knowledge and know how. To get it done right the first time. Unlike our competition. We provide solutions for all your outdoor kitchen, outdoor cooking, backyard grilling, Outdoor Barbecue Grills, Barbecue and grill, island, fire pit, outdoor heaters and more. If you can describe it, we can make it a reality with our team of professional designers and various experts in there field

Barbecue Repair Services

A maintenance package offered by BBQ Restorations. For Outdoor Barbecue grills will add years to the overall life of your Barbecue Grills, and help keep it in top operating condition. Not to mention, while looking great all the time.. A complete Restoration of your Barbecue Grill, Custom BBQ Grills, Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ Island, and various Barbecue Grill Services will not only provide more enjoyment and function. By looking good, cooking quicker, and adding additional years of useful life to the island, Barbecue grill, and various outdoor components in your outdoor kitchen.

Barbecue Grill Services

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