BBQ Restoration DCS Newport Beach

DCS BBQ Restoration Newport Beach

Today BBQ Restorations is doing another DCS BBQ restoration Newport Beach C.A.

This is BBQ Restorations third DCS BBQ restoration for this community located at One Ford Rd in Newport Beach. It was decided by the board to replace all internal components including the burners, heat trays, cooking grates and ignition systems including new ignitors on all five of there DCS BBQ’s that they have on there beautiful property there located in Newport Beach scattered around the complex located at various pools, parks nooks and crannies.


 BBQ Restorations is your DCS restoration specialist in Orange County.

So if you happen to have an old DCS BBQ have us out to restore, repair or clean it. As you can see this DCS BBQ grill was pretty trashed and none of the residents had even considered using this DCS BBQ for some time now based on it’s condition. However once BBQ Restorations did there famous Restoration cleaning and replaced all the internal components, this DCS BBQ is as good as new. Call BBQ Restorations to come out and look at your DCS BBQ or any other type of barbecue today @ 949-301-6483




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