pictured is a dcs bbq in aliso viejo before bbq restorations gets ready to work our magic

Dcs barbecue repair Laguna Niguel

Today BBQ restorations Orange County had the pleasure of cleaning repairing & restoring one of the more common models of DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) barbecues in Laguna Niguel. DCS barbecues are one of the more popular units you find here in Orange County. There built tough and definitely last a long time despite whatever abuse the average owner manages to dish out.

However common items that tend to malfunction are the ever so popular ignition components and ignitors. We see this issue with almost every make and model of barbecues on the market today surprisingly. We’ve come up with a simple solution to that problem by installing a heavier duty ignitor, ignition module and heavier gauge wiring that tends to withstand the extreme temperatures for a longer period of time. This in turn allows BBQ Restorations to offer a warranty period on all new ignitors and related components for a two year period. Since we’re confident that they will last the test of time, or we’ll come back out and replace them at no cost.

Now this particular DCS barbecue hadn’t been cleaned in a few years. Which is rather uncommon. since most of our new customers, usually haven’t had there barbecue grill cleaned in 6 or 7 years. So if its been longer DONT worry, we’ve definitely see worse.

BBQ Restorations also specializes in fire-pit restorations. Which typically involves replacing the existing fire ring, replacing the sand and the lava rocks. On this particular project we did all the above mentioned items and replaced 200 pounds of lava rock. I think you’ll have to agree that it turned out quite well.

So if you haven’t had your barbecue cleaned yet this season. Now is a good time to give us a call. No job is too small. From replacing ignitors to valves burners, cooking grates, heat trays or your entire barbecue. We’ve got you covered and would be honored to provide you with our services. BBQ Restorations 949-436-8308
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