Barbecues Galore Turbo



Today BBQ Restorations had the wonderful opportunity to clean and repair the ever so popular Barbecues Galore Turbo Series BBQ in Corona. Our client owns a rental property in the area and his tenants wanted the barbecue repaired and cleaned. Apparently the Turbo BBQ was not getting very hot and was heating uneven. Upon further inspection we discovered that the burners were clogged and the gas regulator needed to be swapped out. The barbecue wasn’t that dirty in my opinion compared to a lot of the other grills we see on a daily basis. So it was actually a nice change of pace for once to have a quick cleaning and repair job. Since most of our BBQ cleanings & repairs take a total combined time in excess of four hours or more.
Pictured below are the Barbecues Galore Turbo series BBQ after pics. Please give us the opportunity to service, repair, clean & restore your Barbecues Galore Turbo series grill or any other make and model and let us deliver the results you expect. Remember BBQ Restorations for all your barbecue grill cleaning, repair & restoration needs. Contact is for a free inspection @ 949-436-8308




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