Viking Barbecue Restoration Cleaning Newport Coast

Today BBQ restorations had the opportunity to service, and do a barbecue restoration cleaning on a Viking BBQ in Newport Coast. This Viking barbecue in particular had generally been taken care of however despite the regular barbecue cleanings and maintenance done on this barbecue it still had quite a bit of corrosion on those ceramic coated steel cooking grates. The problem is that most people don’t know how to properly maintain them and end up using the wrong kind of brush. What I’m referring to is copper. Copper is the only appropriate soft metal that can be used on ceramic coated steel Viking BBQ cooking grates if you want them to last more than a year. If you end up using the heavier duty stainless steel brushes on these grates. They will be rusting and corroding before you know it. The only other option is to replace those cooking grates with a set of heavy duty stainless steel ones.
This is what our customer opted for when it was brought to his attention that his grates were almost unusable. He unfortunately has yet to use this grill since he just moved into this property here in Newport coast. Fortunately BBQ restorations specializes in Viking barbecue restoration cleanings in Newport coast. This approach essentially takes a used BBQ and restores it to like new condition and performance. BBQ Restorations is Orange County’s premier Viking Barbecue restoration cleaning experts and would love the opportunity to restore your Viking barbecue in Newport Coast or any other manufacture of barbecues and in any city. Give us a call for a free safety inspection and estimate on your barbecue restoration cleaning. BBQ Restorations is located in Irvine C.A and can be reached at 949-436-8308





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