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Viking barbecue cleaning in Laguna Beach

BBQ Restorations had the opportunity to perform a Viking barbecue grill cleaning in Laguna Beach over the weekend.

Today I’d like to take you through BBQ Restorations steps in our process and whats involved when we perform a Viking barbecue cleaning and what you can expect for your Viking barbecue when you have BBQ Restorations out to perform one of our great services on your barbecue grill. As far as results for your particular manufacture and model of  grill may vary, but we can assure you that we will strive to obtain the best possible results for you.


This Viking barbecue is approximately 10years old and needed some much deserved tlc.

As you can see by the pictures the viking barbecue has had it’s fare share of usage. However After all it has been performing years of trouble free and maintenance free service year after year without the slightest of complaints. and that would include a barbecue cleaning of this Viking in Laguna Beach. It was determined by myself and the homeowner that this Viking barbecue primarily needed a good restoration cleaning and some minor repairs. Check out the before and after Viking barbecue cleaning & restoration Laguna Beach, C.A by BBQ Restorations. Call us today for your free safety inspection and estimate for your Viking barbecue cleaning, restoration or repair. 949-436-8308.

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before image of viking barbecue Laguna Beach

Viking Barbecue cleaning Laguna

BBQ Cleaning of a Viking in Laguna Beach


Viking Restoration Laguna Beach

after viking barbecue cleaning laguna beach by BBQ Restorations

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