Barbecue Grill Repair & Restoration Cleaning

BBQ Restorations is still rebuilding Barbecues on a daily basis, despite the fact that Summer is long gone. We’re blessed here in Southern California to have almost nicer weather in the Fall than in the Summer. Pictured today we have a Barbecue and side burner that were pulled from the island by the previous owners. Anyhow the new owners decided to have a Restoration Barbecue Cleaning done on both items. Along with some minor repairs to the BBQ ignition system and ignitors, as well have the BBQ and side burner reinstalled correctly by us. It’s already looking great and were not even done. Please remember to call BBQ Restorations for all your Barbecue cleaning, Barbecue Repair and Barbecue Restoration needs here in Southern California. We’re based out of Irvine California and would love to help bring your grill back to like new condition. Hope to hear from you soon.

BBQ Restorations
111 Pacifica # 250
Irvine, Ca 92613

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